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"You Never Expect it to Happen to You" - A True Recovery Story

November 11, 2019

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Roberts’ brother and mother supporting him post-football game

If you ask almost any Texan, they will tell you that high school football in Texas is everything. From late August to December, every Friday night throughout Texas you will see stadium lights blaring with hundreds of students, family, and friends cheering on their school. Brant Roberts, a junior from Rudder High School, grew up playing sports and had his eyes set on being a part of the Friday Night Football tradition. From the age of four, he was already hitting the baseball field and later on grew to love the game of football. Roberts who started his playing career as a receiver eventually moved over to the quarterback position as he was athletic and had the ability to throw the ball. Participating in football camps over the years, Roberts had his sights on a successful 2019 season. But everything changed on Sunday, September 1st, 2019 as a traumatic event took place. 

The school year had just started when Gage Schwartz and Brant Roberts were out seeing a movie with a fellow teammate in College Station. After dropping their teammate off, the two junior football players started to head home to get ready for the upcoming school week. As they were traveling north on Grassbur Road, they came across a sharp curve around 6:30 PM. While going around the curve, they were involved in a head-on collision which resulted in both vehicles catching fire. At first, there was no way for the young men to get out of their car until Schwartz had a rush of adrenaline. Schwartz punched out the window on the passenger side which allowed Roberts to roll out of the car. This act was described by Roberts’ mother, Angie, as “the most selfless act I know of - it’s something you're born with and my family and I are thankful for him and his family.” However, Schwartz was not the only one who acted selflessly that night. Ann and Don Prescott were in the area when the collision occurred and decided to help. With the car on fire, they pulled Roberts further away from the fire and were able to get Schwartz out of the car and to safety. 

While this incident was occurring Roberts’ mother was at a friend’s house away from her phone. Around 8:00 pm she had a feeling that she needed to check her messages. Upon arrival at the hospital, she was told of the injuries her son and his friend had sustained. The accident had resulted in a broken femur for Schwartz and fractured L3 vertebrae for Roberts. Soon after receiving the news from the doctors Roberts and his mother were airlifted to Texas Children’s Hospital to see a pediatric surgeon. Three days later, on September 4th, Roberts began his recovery after a four-hour surgery that fused his L3 vertebrae to his L2 and L4 vertebrae. 

MyBCS Sports
Roberts’ loving family with him every step of the way

The first few days post-surgery were extremely tough for Roberts, as he had to lie flat on his back for three days not able to move at all. He ended up staying in the hospital for ten days, being released on September 10th. As soon as Roberts came home, it was time to focus on his recovery. He started physical therapy at Central Texas Sports, going twice a week working to regain the strength he lost in his back and legs. He is now working out at D1 Training to continue to work on his strength and agility. While these workouts and training sessions are very difficult, Roberts’ sports background has helped make his recovery go smoothly. 

As Roberts is now in his third month of recovery, he is starting to feel more confident in his comeback. His doctors and physical therapist believe that he will make a full recovery over time. Roberts has his eyes set to play baseball this upcoming season, even if it only means he gets to pitch. “It’s been really tough not to able to compete in the sports I love, so I am going to do whatever it takes, push through the pain, in order to be ready for baseball season,” said Roberts. With the support of his teammates and coaches, the drive to recover has been made a little bit easier for him. “Brant is a guy you want on your team. His personality and will to win feeds off to his brothers on the team,’’ Coach Ezar stated. 

Although this traumatic event occurred to Roberts, he has started to see the brighter side. For weeks, it was hard for him to relive the day of the accident, but now he is able to open up and talk to others around him to inform them to never take a day for granted. With a lot of emotion, Roberts added “I thought my life was over. Sitting there, trying to focus on my breathing was extremely painful and tough. You just never know what can happen and you never expect it to happen to you.” Roberts has also taken an interest in becoming a physical therapist in the future to help others who have unfortunate events happen to them. “After my accident and seeing how the therapists are helping me get through this, I feel like that may be a career path I want to take. To give others a second chance at playing sports is nice to think about.” With hard work, dedication, and a multitude of support from his family, teammates, coaches, and administration who have been by his side through this tough road, Roberts looks to return for his senior year. “I have at least one more year left to play, I know I will be back ready to play and stronger than ever.”

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