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Player Spotlight: Jalen Davis

November 21, 2019

Meet Jalen Davis, a football player motivated by the love for the game and his fantastic community. He is physically only five feet and six inches tall, weighing 160 pounds. His personality, on the other hand, may as well be 10 feet tall. When asked what he hopes to be remembered for, Jalen responds with “I want people to remember me as a funny guy, but also as a good kid. I want them to say I had character and that I was always joyful.” I knew all those things about Jalen from the first ten minutes of speaking with him, compared to his peers, who have to spend close to 40 hours a week with him. His biggest inspiration for the game stems from his family, primarily for his mother, playing the game since he was in third grade. However, from an early age Jalen never really played in the games, and the reason is that his family moved around a lot.

         Jalen’s upbringing was everything but ordinary. He has two older brothers, one little brother, and one little sister. He was raised by his mom and dad and then his dad was no longer around, and Jalen made sure to mention he is indeed alive, just not about. I did not realize how different Jalen is. I asked Jalen if he was to win the lottery, what would he buy. His first response was a house for his mom. Every boy who loves his mom has a dream to buy them a home and care for them. The next thing he said was he wanted to hire a lawyer for his two older brothers. Both of his older brothers are in jail because of “stupid stuff” and that is why Jalen Davis is a proud advocate against drinking and smoking. He witnessed the kind of life he could have lived if he followed in his brothers’ footsteps. This is why Jalen turned to football and looked to guys like Coach Rogers for guidance.

         His childhood may have been different, but he had an opportunity to be so much more than just another student at Bryan High. He turned to football where he learned what it is to be a leader and to continually strive to help others when they are in need. He has too many good memories from football to pick just one, but meeting his closest friends, guys like Caleb Merrell, Jaye Tyler, and Christian Richardson is something he will always remember. The answer that, by far, was the most surprising was when I asked him who was his biggest icon; his response was “Me.” Jalen is not boastful, he is humble, and the reason I interrupted our conversation about why he is his icon is that he wants to leave a lasting legacy. He has dreams of being some other person’s icon, so he had to make it happen for them. He wants to be an icon so that others will understand that everything is possible when you are doing whatever needs to be done for your dreams to come true.

         Jalen Davis is a special kind of athlete. He is an athlete who can transform all the hardships in his life into positive energy onto the field. He has been able to have bad days, but still ensure that the people around him have a good day. He is a star athlete at Bryan High, who gives his all every single day with big plans to play football on the collegiate level and then in the pros. I genuinely believe that Jalen Davis AKA Lil’ Bit will do some big things one day in the future, and I was very honored to meet such a hardworking young man.  

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